Business Plan Submission

We do not believe that opportunities all need to fit in the same box or adhere to the same generic criteria that most venture capital firms consider. Our work has led us to understand that each opportunity is different, and therefore we look at more than industry, deal-size and total addressable market to develop a comprehensive strategy for funding and go-to market.

Early Stage Opportunities

For early stage opportunities we prescribe to the matching seed funding model, where we will allocate funds for investment and the opportunity will be required to find matching funds to be able to pull down the entire allocation.

All opportunities should have defendable intellectual property, significant market potential and a have clearly defined path to revenue.

Growth Opportunities

For growth opportunities we look for companies that have demonstrated value in the market and now are looking for capital to capture considerable market share in their existing market or expand into new markets.

All opportunities should have revenue and be near cash-flow breakeven, a significant Total Addressable Market (TAM), a strong leadership team and expertise, and a have defined growth strategy with clear understanding of how to achieve a Return on Investment.