Venture Capital & Private Equity

The fundamental issue with traditional venture capital is that their goals are not aligned with the goals of the companies they invest in. Founders and employees of companies are focused on the success of their company; venture capitalists are focused on the success of their portfolio, which is comprised of many companies and allow on average 8 out 10 to fail.

We consider each investment we make very carefully, and do not view our investments as transactions, but as relationships. We are committed to building value in each opportunity, not just providing funding. One way we build value is that we not only work on the opportunities, but spend time each week working in them. .

The ideal exit for most opportunities is an IPO because of the tremendous potential for return on investment. Traditional venture capital views this as the only option for an exit, and ignores alternative options that actually may be the better choice for an opportunity. We do not. Though alternative exit options do not provide the significant returns of an IPO, they can be done at lower risk, provide a higher success rate and still are profitable for everyone.

Venture Capital Chart
Private Equity & Venture Capital

  • Due Diligence
  • Portfolio and Opportunity Value Creation
  • Exit Planning
  • Turnarounds
  • Sector Strategy