Strategy & Operations

Strategy defines a comprehensive vision in which a business will deliver value to its customers, shareholders and stakeholders. This vision then drives the operating approach implemented at all levels of business, influencing the day-to-day decision-making processes.

Perspicacity Group delivers creative insights, based on disciplined analysis, which enable us to recognize patterns across seemingly unrelated or contradictory circumstances. Our discoveries, findings and insights are at the foundation of identifying breakthroughs which are the underlying basis for the strategies we deliver and help implement for our clients.

Therefore, strategy consulting is advising companies on issues to create sustainable value in a complex and competitive environment. These are often the development of solutions for the most fundamental problems facing our clients.

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Business Strategy

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Strategic Planning, Business Modeling, & Roadmaps
  • Program & Project Management


  • Service Operations
  • Process Analysis & Re-design

Corporate Finance

  • Enterprise Cost Management
  • Value Based Planning
  • Performance Analysis